Monday, December 4, 2023

ThrowBackThursday|Did Snoop Dog Steal An African Brands Logo?

Let’s take you down memory lane
A lot is happening  in the entertainment industry, artists are diving straight into the fashion business. Snoop Dogg could not be left behind, he added one more source of wealth to his belt, by launching his new accessories line called ‘Pounds’.
With all the copyright and trademark wars going on, we couldn’t help but notice the similarity between Snoops logo and that of an African brands logo by name Keexs. Keexs is the first innovative and social footwear brand in Africa, it was launched in 2015 through a global crowd funding campaign.
Snoop Dogg versus Keexs Brand Logo?
These logos are too similar to be a case of creative co-incidence, the clenched fist on Snoop Doggs logo which is rolled up can almost be said to be the exact replica of Keexs logo. Who really owns the logo is the question we all are asking at the moment, while forever21 is still in court with Gucci, it appears that Snoop Dogg wants to follow suit or is it vice versa? While we wait for this copyright/Trademark feud to be over, here is something you can do. Click HERE

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