Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Dimeji Alara Leaves Genevieve Mag & Dishes Why in Cover Interview with MADE

While we’re thinking all thing men and ‘Man’ this month, Team SPICE is surprised to hear that fashionable editor Dimeji Alara has quit his post as man in charge at Genevieve Magazine, citing a lack of time to create as the reason he’ll no longer be editor-in-cheif there.

News of the ELLE SA contributing editor’s resignation came as he posted a picture of Genevieve Mag‘s new cover, revealing in the caption that the edition would be the last he’d ever work on after joining the publication in 2013.

Mr Alara wrote;

“…Had such an amazing time working with @tiwasavage for the cover of @genevievemagazine which also happens to be my last issue as Editor of the magazine.

Working at Genevieve Magazine had it’s ups and downs, but it was an amazing experience working with such an amazing team @lizawoliyi@veeshaven etc and a wonderful publisher Mrs. Irabor. Wishing the Gteam many more great years ahead!”



But in a just-revelaed interview with Made Magazine, on which he stars on the cover, shot by Lakin Ogunbanwo while wearing something cool from Tokyo James’ Spring/Summer’16 collection, the editor explains;

“The truth is, I love being alive. And I love feeling free. So if I can’t have those things, then I feel like a caged animal, and I’d rather not be in a cage.

It’s tough as a creative person to give your best when you have very little time to create, especially when your work becomes commercial and people expect you to constantly churn out your best every month.



As a creative person, you do need time to vet your ideas, love and hate them, scrap them and come up with something else. I barely had that time at Genevieve, everything was moving so fast, and I was dealing with exhaustion.

I started hating everything I created and I couldn’t even stand the sight of it, and for me I believe that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. When you reach that point where you feel you are not giving your best, you have to take a step back, take a deep breath and look inwards, atleast till you can figure out yourself and put your mind back on track.”


As well as adding thanks and appreciation to those he worked with at Genevieve, Dimeji also touches on his departure from his previous post at Mania too – a magazine he co-founded with top photographer Kelechi Amadi-Obi, saying;

“I have never spoken publicly about this before, but Kelechi and I had our differences, we had our disagreements, a lot of things happened… …and it got to a stage I had to tell myself just to let go.

You need to always know when it’s time to walk away, even if it’s painful and challenging.”

While the fashion talent revealed he already has offers being thrown his way, we at SPICE will be keen to see who takes on the role next.

Read more on why Dimeji Alara resigned as editor-in-chief of Genevieve Magazine here in his interview with Made Mag, and let us know who you think would be a great new candidate to take on the role by tagging us @SPICETVAFRICA in your thoughts online.

Image source: Mademags.com, @Dimejialara

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