Thursday, June 8, 2023

Dior Homme & Bogarde Are Launching a $32,000 BMX Bike

If you were looking for a reason to take a bike ride this festive period, Dior just made things way easy for you. As they have decided to bless us with a bike that depicts class and luxury.

This is definitely the perfect way to ride in style(but how many persona can afford this happiness). After unveiling their custom Decks, Dior Hommes director for artistry Kris Van Assche showed a preview of a collaboration between Bogarde and Dior on his Instagram Feed.

In a report published by Business of Fashion, both the designer and the bike company will launch a $32,000 BMX rider at the Sole DXB Street wear Festival.

This festival which takes place in Dubai and also set to hold between December 7 – 9 will be the first to showcase one of the three designs before an call to order release at Dior Homme boutique stores.

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