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DIY- Natural Hair Removal

Natural beauty recipes have been embraced by a lot of people because they are not only effective, but they are safer and cost a lot less. One of the many struggles of women as regards their body has to be tackling unwanted hair. Waxing is effective and can be extremely painful, hair removal creams are fast but doesn’t take long before you have to repeat the process all over again.


We give you a DIY beauty hair removal recipe that cost close to nothing and promise long lasting results.

hair removal


  • Turmeric – 1tbs
  • Mustard oil – 1½ tbs
  • Aloe Vera gel – 4 tbs
  • Papaya paste – 1 tbs
  • Essential oils – 2 tbs

Benefits of these ingredients

  • Turmeric – The anti-inflammatory qualities can target your pores and calm the skin. Turmeric is also known to reduce scarring
  • Mustard oil – rejuvenates your skin and increases blood circulation
  • Aloe Vera gel – The ‘plant of immortality’, as it was called by Egyptians is known to reduce signs of aging and fade scars.
  • Papaya paste – Acts as a powerful exfoliator and dissolves inactive proteins and dead skin cells



  • In a clean bowl, mix the Turmeric, Aloe Vera gel, Papaya paste, mustard oil, and essential oil of choice
  • Apply paste on area of hair growth
  • Leave for about 20-25 minutes
  • Clean by rubbing off in paste in opposite direction of hair growth with a clean wash cloth.
  • Wash face with lukewarm water and pat dry
  • Massage your face with essential oil for a few minutes
  • Repeat this beauty regime times a week for a period of 90 days for lasting results.


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