Thursday, March 23, 2023

DIY- Raw Hem Denim

Looking good and keeping up with fashion trends can be a massive blow in the gut of our account balance, especially for those of us living on a budget. Raw hem Jeans are one of the big fashion trends of the year, and some of the new designs and styles released by our favorite designers might cost a little too much.


Today’s DIY is going to show you how to turn your old denim trousers or skirt into the trending it Jean. With these simple and easy tricks.

What you need

  • Scissors
  • A flat surface
  • A tweezers or Seam remover
  • A chalk (for perfect accuracy)

How to make it happen

  • Lay out your jeans straight on a flat surface
  • diy2
  • Fold the waist of your jean in two
  • Mark desired length with a chalk
  • Cut the marked line with a scissors


  • You will see the thread weaving’s of newly cut hem
  • Use tweezers or seam remover on the raw hem of the jean, remove the thread weaving’s that run horizontally until you are satisfied with the length of the fray.



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