Friday, March 31, 2023

Does Body Count Really Matter?

Let us tell you a story. Once Upon a time, there was a lady who had a terrible past, and her name was Stephanie. She had been through a lot and decided to let go of her ways. She got a professional job for herself in a reputable organization. Everything seemed to be going well, and all she could yearn for was the perfect prince charming in his shinning Armour to come sweep her off her feet. Well she actually got her wish, one day she bumped into Chris, who happened to be the Managing Director of some reputable firm nearby.

co workers at work

They got talking, and things started going smoothly, soon afterwards, Chris and Stephanie were already seeing each other very often, this friendship lasted for about 4 months and it was then they came to the realization of a long term relationship. Things started getting more intense between the two love birds, they both loved each other, had disagreements, settled their feuds, confided in each other and were best of Friends. In the 12th month of their friendship/Relationship, Chris decided it was time to actually make this girl friend of his a wife. So he proposed to her in a fine restaurant, with an orchestra playing in a really romantic scenery, goodness me!! you can not begin to imagine how belated Stephanie was, she cried and laughed and shared kisses with her soon to be husband.


Now let’s pause for a bit, remember that Stephanie had a rough past, but we just never mentioned what it was. Stephanie was an escort for a couple of Months after her parents passed away in a terrible car crash and left her with nothing, out of frustration she decided to have sexual affairs with numerous men who were capable of taking care of her needs. You can UN-pause  now.  Chris knew about Stephanie’s past, but since she told him her escapades lasted for a few months he never bothered to ask how many men she had been with, even though she knew all about his past relationships.

how does body count affect a relationship

One faithful day in the spirit of telling the truth and letting everything out before marriage, Stephanie jokingly told Chris how many men she had actually been with in the space of four months, and he laughed over it and said “you wish but it’s not possible, stop cracking me up”, when Stephanie realized that he wasn’t taking her seriously, she had to sit up and actually look him straight in the eyes and say “I am serious Hun, I have had sexual intercourse with only 11 men and it was protected sex, I just want you to know, so that you never hear it from someone else and also to tell you how much i love you.

how does body count affect a relationship

The most unpredictable thing happened afterwards, Can you guess? because we can’t. We leave that to you, end your story the way you want it and let us see how many persons guessed right. Did he accept her with the number of body counts she had? Did he rub it on her face whenever they had an argument at home or Did he let her go? We really do not know but our judges do, watch the clip below and let us in on your thoughts.


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