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Duro Olowu’s Ready to turn head Spring/Summer 2017 ‘Stylist Activist’ Collection

Fashion brand ‘Duro Olowu’ returns with it’s Nina Simone inspired Spring/Summer 2017 collection tagged ‘Stylist Activist’. The brand visualised the Singer and Civil right Activist Nina as an ‘always in style’ muse. Duro defined this statement by Marc Jacobs that ‘Clothes means nothing until someone lives in them’. The Duro Olowu woman will not only be seen, she will be heard too.

The brand showcased it’s assertive power over colours and patterns to create wears in the ‘Stylist Activist’ Collection. The collection features a wide array of raffia fringe, pants, gowns and more.

duro 2

This was an item-driven collection. Duro Olowu paid particular attention to his trouser cuts, introducing new, cropped shapes, and he heightened the drama of his stock-in-trade dresses by sneaking in volume via hidden pleats.
duro 3 duro 4

duro 5

duro 6

Recently showcased at London Fashion Week, you can check out more of the ‘Stylist Activist’ collection on:


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