Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Duro Oluwo’ SS18 Ready to Wear Collection is All Shades of Print

If you spent most  of your childhood traveling between Nigeria and Europe, the life you get to experience is different from a normal person. Your creative instincts are brooder because you get exposed to a lot of cultures and different ways of life.

Duro Oluwo is one of the designers who are consistent with their line of creativity, season after season he keeps feeding the fashion industry with new vibrant designs that get sold out almost immediately after they are debuted.

Duro Oluwo needs no introduction, right from his inception as a designer after practicing Law in Nigeria for a few years has been nothing but bliss. His love for prints, eccentric designs were all implemented into his Spring 18 collection.

Duro Oluwo brought a whole new vibe to wide leg pants and the shift dress, he gave it a different structure that had an androgyny feel to it.This collection stands out from others, the designer had the best intuition by using models that had different skin colors, Alisha Safo and Becky Donnelly,

One word best describes this collection, Simplicity at it’s peak, we are certain that next summer would be filled with nothing but graceful silhouette draping freely over the body of fashion It girls. Take  a look at the collection that has everyone drooling over


01-duro-olowu-ss18 03-duro-olowu-ss18 04-duro-olowu-ss18 05-duro-olowu-ss18 08-duro-olowu-ss18 09-duro-olowu-ss18 10-duro-olowu-ss18 810 12-duro-olowu-ss18 13-duro-olowu-ss18 14-duro-olowu-ss18 15-duro-olowu-ss18 16-duro-olowu-ss18 810 17-duro-olowu-ss18 18-duro-olowu-ss18 19-duro-olowu-ss18 20-duro-olowu-ss18 21-duro-olowu-ss18 22-duro-olowu-ss18 23-duro-olowu-ss18 24-duro-olowu-ss18 26-duro-olowu-ss18 27-duro-olowu-ss18 28-duro-olowu-ss18 810




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