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Dwyane Wade Talks About Building His Style Empire

In a recent interview, Dwyane Wade discussed how he changed his odds from being the typical basketball player to building a fashion legacy for others to follow.

We have been following DWade’s fashion journey for quite some time now. From his collaborations with Amazon Fashion to his capsule collection with Dsquared. In his latest interview, the Chicago Bulls MVP gives the readers an intimate view into his life.

DWade discusses that when was in college, ball players weren’t the ideal role models when it came to fashion. In the ’90s, there were two types of “fashionable athletes” to choose from: you were either more like Allen Iverson or Dennis Rodman, two very different extremes when it came to male fashion. DWade told CR, “Allen Iverson was the idol of my generation and he looked like a rapper, so all of the young players came into the league trying to dress like him. When I first became a part of the NBA, I didn’t believe in any of ‘that fashion bulls**t’ either. I wore my pants low just like the rest of the players; all I wanted to do was fit in. It wasn’t until I matured that I realized that fashion is a means of self-expression. Dressing how I wanted allowed me to define who I was and who I wanted to be.”

Wade has taken a strong interest in fashion. When he released all of his capsule collections on Amazon Fashion earlier this year, he told GQ, “Fashion is a huge component of my life, and I strongly believe it is another medium to express you.” His capsule collections now range from Stance Socks, shoes and casual clothing to men’s accessories.

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