Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dylan Jones says ‘They might be right’ that West Africa is a coming thing in fashion

British GQ Editor-In-Chief, Dylan Jones, was in Lagos for the GTBank Fashion weekend. He wrote a piece for CNN where he details his experience as a masterclass speaker.

He told CNN:
‘We are always being told that West Africa is a coming thing in fashion. In the same way that people fell over themselves a decade ago trying to tell anyone who would listen that China was going to be the coming place for art…Having just returned from the GTBank Fashion Weekend I would say that they might actually be right.’

On what impressed him:
But it was the brands themselves that impressed me most, as well as the fact that a lot of the brands were aiming at the men’s market, with a strong emphasis on tailoring. ‘

On things that impressed him at the Fashion Weekend:
‘I talked to Julien the day before his show, and he was blown away by the enormity of the project, and by the local team’s attention to detail. “It’s one of the biggest shows I’ve ever done,” he said, before rushing off to another rehearsal.’

He also added: ‘Judging by the number of photographs taken over the weekend, and the thousands of pictures posted online, this is an opportunity that is already being exploited.’

Check out picture from Dylan Jones’ masterclass at the GTBank Fashion Weekend:

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