Monday, October 2, 2023

Editorial: Danai Gurira in’s Seasonal Beauty Spread

Zimbabwean-American actress and star of TV hit The Walking Dead, Danai Gurira features in beauty site Byrdies bright editorial, photographed by Justin Colt.

With Cori Bardo coiffing hair, Kimmie Kyees on nails and Jo Strettell on makeup duty, the shoot – styled by Zoe Costello – sees Ms Gurira looking her best in bold graphic print and punchy hues, with the actress agreeing, telling Byrdie in an accompanying interview;

“Me and colour work well together.”

danai 3

The actress also dishes on her best beauty secret – the thing responsible for her glowing, smooth complexion, telling Byrdie;

“It hit me in my 30s. Jennifer Aniston says it all the time. I was like, ‘What is she talking about?’ and then finally I saw it: It makes a difference if you drank water or if you didn’t.”

Gurira also revealed that she’s not as dab-handed with a makeup brush as she’d like to be, saying;

“I do tend to try a little eye, but I’m terrible at it. I can swing a sword, but running this tiny little thing across the eyelid is a little different for me.”

On female struggles and feminism: “There’s a saying in Africa, if you give a woman empowerment, you empower a community, you empower men, you empower man. When women become empowered and live in their strength it’s beneficiary to others, and I think as young women today we sometimes forget that we are standing on the struggle of other women. Those women had to stand up to make a change, and they were not popular, and now we’re making them unpopular again.”

See the rest of the shoot here below and tell us what you think of the star’s beauty looks in the comments box or on Twitter via @SPICETVAFRICA;

danai 1 danai 4 danai 5 danai 6

danai 8On her character Michonne in “The Walking Dead”: “She is a woman of unapologetic strength, and I thought that was an interesting character to explore. I am not as agile as her, probably not as smart, not as strategic, and not as chill, but we both definitely have a fighter in us.”

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