Thursday, June 8, 2023

Editorial: Ify Jones in “Wired” by Remi Adetiba for Style HQ

Nigerian fashion photographer, Remi Adetiba, (also the brother of director Kemi Adetiba), has recruited Nigerian-American model, Ify Yolanda Jones for his latest creative project, “Wired” – a shoot released alongside an interview with The Style HQ.

For the editorial, Adetiba channels edgy sci-fi minimalism, enlisting the help of make-up artist, Romana Lai and the styling expertise of Clark Sabbat, with a resulting set of shots that show Ms Jones swathed in cables and wires for necklaces, and bolts for rings.

Speaking on the shoot in the interview, Adetiba told The Style HQ;

“This was initially supposed to be a high-contrast, black-and-white shoot with graphic styling all in those neutrals. I wanted an atmosphere where a group of talented creatives collide to just have fun, so I called Romana Lai (my go-to makeup artist when I’m in NYC), Katy Albright (a promising young hair stylist), and I even called my old friend Ifueko Igiehon (a fashion creative in Lagos) to come hang out. My intended stylist wasn’t available that day, so I reached out to my buddy, the talented designer Clark Sabbat, and grabbed some black looks and called it a day.

But at the gym the night before the shoot, the idea hits me to style her with wires and basically build an editorial, sci-fi-esque shoot around wires and other materials from a hardware store. So I finish my workout and run downtown to a 24-hour hardware store to pick up everything from work gloves to piping joints, just getting inspired as I walked up and down the aisles. And then of course, Ify totally brought it home when the time came to shoot.”

Model Ify definitely adds a subtle vibrancy to the shoot, taking on the role of a well-poised human fixture. And, as the ambiguous titles suggests, Jones goes from being ‘wired’ up in the physical sense – tied-up by the wrists even – to being ‘wired’ in the energetic sense, positioning her self to embody all connotations of the word.

See the brilliant collaborative shots, below;

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