Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Editorial: Joan Smalls in “Painting of Winter” for Vogue Japan’s December’14 Issue

The absolute beauty that is Joan Smalls is spied stunning in Vogue Japan‘s December’14 issue, both on its cover and inside, rocking a whole wardrobe’s worth of clothes for a cool editorial.

Titled “Painting of Winter,” the spread sees Smalls shot by Giampaolo Sgura in all sorts of furs (red, blue, pink and animal included), all layered upon bold and bright bags and jewels.

We at SPICE love the potent mix of hues and proportions in this shoot as much as we do Joan’s perfect poses throughout. Take it all in below;

Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-01 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-02 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-03 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-04 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-05 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-06 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-07 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-08 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-09 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-10 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-11 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-12 Joan-Smalls-Vogue-Japan-Giampaolo-Sgura-13 Joan-Smalls-for-VOGUE-Japan-by-Giampaolo-Sgura-01


Image source: Superselected.com

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