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Editorial: Joan Smalls Stars in Netaporter’s March’15 Issue of The Edit & Teaser Video

While we at SPICE are thinking ‘Light and Shade’ this month, Netaporter have played with colour and noir photography to shoot the gorgeous Brazilian model, Joan Smalls for their March’15 issue of The Edit.

Shot by photographer duo Santiago and Mauricio, the stunner is caught a-top a car bonnet for “Rebel Woman,” wearing La Perla, Rag & Bone, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and more, as styled by Tracy Taylor.


In an accompanying interview, Ms Smalls talks of Supermodelhood and her own climb into the territory, saying;

“I admire and respect what [the Supermodels] do. When I was growing up, there was Linda, Naomi, Tyra, Heidi. And they worked hard for it.

Nowadays, a girl gets two covers and [the industry is] like, ‘Oh, supermodel’. They throw it around too loosely to mean anything.

Supermodels are not my role models, because I’m not modeling myself after them. There is no competition. I just want to be the best Joan Smalls.


The beauty also talks on her attitude, which she reveals has been labelled ‘intimidating’ in the past, saying;

“I try to express being confident; putting out how you want the world to see you. I believe everybody has a ‘F*** it!’ attitude, it’s just that sometimes you’re not in tune to feel it.

…[That attitude] comes from being in touch with your womanhood and not being afraid of embracing it”

On where said attitude comes from, Joan explains;

“Being Latina and growing up in Puerto Rico, it’s just part of our culture. Dancing at a young age, learning how to move your hips, being comfortable with your body, going to the beach in skimpy clothes… It was innate.”

The shoot’s images are beautiful and full of badass-ness – the model both seen catching the light of the sun and being thrown into black and white in post edit – but a teaser video for the editorial captures the model’s aforemtnioned attitude completely, and in less than 30 seconds.

See the short video trailer and spread for Netaporter’s March’15 issue of The Edit here below and then tell us what you think of Joan Smalls’ ‘innate’ sense of womanhood in the comments box;

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