Monday, May 29, 2023

Editorial: Malaika Firth for Vogue Russia’s June’15 Issue

Gorgeous, Kenyan model Malaika Firth has been lensed for Vogue Russia‘s June’15 issue, flaunting big hair and denim dipped with a ’70s vibe.

Having us rushing for all sorts of denim goods like all trend reports for the season told us too, Ms Firth is seen with minimal makeup, earth-toned accessories and that aforementioned denim; flares, shirts, jackets and skirts.

Photographed by Emma Tempest, the ensembles showcased are pictured perfectly, with the simple silver hoops being a touch adored by Team SPICE.

See Malaika Firth’s full photoshoot for Vogue Russia‘s June’15 issue below and let us know online @SPICETVAFRICA which is your favourite image.

malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-10 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-9 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-1 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-3 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-4 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-5 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-6 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-7 malaika-firth-by-emma-tempest-for-vogue-russia-june-2015-8

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