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Editorial: Rihanna Swims with Sharks for Harper’s Bazaar’s March’15 Issue & Behind-the-Scenes Video

While we at SPICE are pondering our ‘love of fashion’ this month, beautiful Bajan babe Rihanna has just proved her’s, being shot swimming with sharks while in designer gear, for Harper’s Bazaar‘s March’15 issue.

Lensed by photographer Norman Jean Roy, the stunner rocked a series of small swimsuits for the editor shoot, wearing garments by Chanel, Giuseppe Zanotti, Cartier and others – and interestingly, a darn sight more clothes than she’s usually pictured in, while diving into a tank in Tampa, US to share water with 8 ft long Sand Sharks.

In a short behind-the-scenes video – created by Evan F. Rogers – Ms Fenty can be seen flipping her feet downward into a spiral or circling marine life, fearlessly flaunting her killer legs and behind, in a Bay Watch style one-piece.


But there’s more. For Harper’s Bazaar’s March’15 issue, for which she also appears on the cover, wearing a bronzed and slinky Balmain jumpsuit, Rihanna is interviewed by Laura Brown, talking the ‘sharks of life,’ her fearlessness and everyone’s favourite perfection killer, cellulite;

“I think I’m like most people—we fear the unknown and the things that have yet to come to pass, which are the very things that don’t deserve to be feared. When you give God complete control, it’s very hard not to be fearless.

This skin has been developing since my first day at school. It didn’t happen after fame; I couldn’t survive fame if I didn’t already have it. So sometimes the toughest thing in life is to be vulnerable. I’m not generally a sensitive person, but I tend to be more sensitive toward others and what they’re going through. I don’t know if that’s the healthiest thing, but it’s the truth.”


Rihanna, who told the mag the shoot was one of her greatest adventures, went on to reveal;

“I try my best to avoid the sharks of life, but I have had my share of experiences with them, and in those cases I just have to handle them accordingly. But I do not swim with sharks … sharks swim with sharks.”


On her style and beauty – the very two things that have us at SPICE hooked on Rihanna, the star explained;

“The way I dress depends on how I feel. I never have to psych myself up. Usually it just feels like it works.

My favourite red-carpet looks are usually the ones I get to help design: the Adam Selman Swarovski crystal dress at the CFDAs, the Stella McCartney all-white dress at the Met Gala, and the Adam Selman white jersey dress from the VMAs. But the red Azzedine Alaïa at the Grammys is also one of my favourites.


“I have a job that requires quite a lot of glam, and I have a great team that helps me with that. But sometimes, like when I’m in the studio or on vacation, there’s little to no maintenance.

The day I wake up without cellulite? Now that would be the perfect day.”

For us, today was pretty good, having had this creative, underwater shoot to feast our eyes upon after it spread across the internet this morning. Dive into the rest of Rihanna’s editorial for Harper’s Bazaar here below and glimpse her in the behind-the-scenes video, then tell us in the comments if you aren’t as equally in love with it;


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