Saturday, April 1, 2023

Editorial: Riley, Grace, Senait, Josilyn, Maria, Jessica & Sherita for Numero’s March’14 Issue

Seen in a series of black and white shots for Numero Magazine, models Riley Montana, Grace Mahary, Senait Gidey, Josilyn Williams, Maria Borges, Jessica Strother and Sherita Dehon stun, with luminous skin and all sorts of high end, stylish wears.

Shot by photographer Sebastian Kim for Numéro’s March’14 issue, the gorgeous group of girls rock varied types of get ups – from glamorous metallic cocktails dresses, to oversized jumpers and flurries of feathers.

Try and find your favourite, below;

Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-08 Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-07 Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-06 Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-05 Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-04 Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-03 Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-02 Maria-Senait-Grace-Jessica-Sherita-Numero-Sebastian-Kim-01


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