Sunday, October 1, 2023

Editorial: Saada Ahmed & Akua Murray Adoboe for Milk Made’s “Go Your Own Way”

Rising It-girl Saada Ahmed and stylist extradinaire Akua Murray Adoboe have been shot by Adrian Mesko for Milk Made’s editorial, “Go Your Own Way” – a shoot perfectly titled considering our focus on ‘Movement’ this month, and one with art direction that leads us way out of the box.

For Ms Ahmed, who is the founder and brain behind Everyday People Brunch (brunches being more like street parties that all the cool kids attend in New York), the looks came wild with baby blue-coloured brows, and long braids set into twists.

In an accompanying interview, the creative told Milk Made that the key to great and classic makeup is;

“A brow pencil. If your brows are good, the rest will fall into place.

…Be natural. Be aware of what makes you special and be proud of who you are.”


On her Everyday Brunch business, which is growing in notoriety, Saada said;

“Ideally, I want to bring people together. I want to create a sense of community. Whether it’s events or being involved in activism, I want everyone to feel like they belong.

I do what I do because New York is very transitive. There’s a lot of ex pats and a lot of different people rolling through at any moment. It can be hard to feel a part of anything here, so I want people to feel a part of something.”


For music video stylist Akua’s shots, her curls were pulled into bunches and she got a set of freckles out of sequinned stars – highly fitting since she describes her typical beauty look as;

“Do you remember those ads with Aaliyah and Kate Hudson? The Tommy girl ads? That meets Rocket Power.”


We at SPICE love the shots and take it as good reason to “Go Your Own Way” when it comes to making moves in beauty – but tell us what you think of Saada Ahmed and Akua Murray Adoboe’s shots for Milk Made, in the comments box or online @SPICETVAFRICA.


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