Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Editorial: Solange Knowles for Harper’s Bazaar April’14 Issue

Fashionista, Solange Knowles is a SPICE TV favourite and we seem to love everything she’s involved with. This time, the 27 year old mother of one splashes herself into an array of colours in Harper’s Bazaar’s April’14 issue, bringing her usual funky and eclectic style to Julia Noni’s lens.

Solange dishes on following in her big sister Beyonce’s footsteps, her failed marriage with her childhood sweetheart Daniel Smith, as well as her current relationship with video director Alan Ferguson. The star also talks of her fashion sense, saying;

“You can pull images of me from seven to 14 years ago and I was absolutely nuts. I have always been drawn to interesting pieces and colors, but I didn’t quite know how to limit myself and make those statement pieces work. It sounds silly, I know, but having space for my clothes made a huge difference. I was able to get organized, free myself of clutter, and develop a style that felt like me.”

And as always, we’re feeling her style. Check out the shoot below;






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