Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Editorial: Zendaya Rocks Grace Jones’ Flat Top for Mane Addicts’ Shoot

19-year-old starlet, Zendaya Coleman has been caught channelling style icon Grace Jone’s style for a new shoot for Mane Addicts.

The editorial, captured by Andrew Stiles, sees the stunner changing up her hairstyle for each shot, going from a sleek and straight head of hair, to a puffy ‘fro and then to an angular, Grace-esque flattop.


Telling Mane Addicts about her ever-changing style, the you star said;

“I’ve taken fashion risks since I was really young. I’ve always been into dressing different and doing different things.”

But of her serious hair game, which once lead to controversy when former E! News Hostess Guiliana Rancic dissed her locs (read about it, here), Zendaya credits her longtime stylist, Law Roach, explaining;

“When I do my hair, it’s usually a collaboration with me and Law. He comes up with the idea. It all comes from his brain, [but] sometimes he comes up with an idea and then we all just talk about it, and it turns into something else.”


Team SPICE are in love with the look and are inspired to change up our hairstyle a little more often. But see the rest of Zendaya’s Mane Addicts shoot here below and let us know what you think.

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Image source: Maneaddicts.com

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