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Eku Edewor & Lynxxx’s “Heritage” Shoot for ThisDay Style: the Concept & Response to those Racially-Charged Comments

As we at SPICE are thinking about ‘Light and Shade’ this month on the site, seen styled out on a Lagos beach shore are media personality Eku Edewor and  artist Lynxxx, who are pictured for ThisDay Style Magazine’s latest issue cover and an accompanying editorial, titled “Heritage.”

The duo were styled by Eku’s twin sister, Kessiana, with Eku seen rocking a white Iconic Invanity gown and hiding under the shade of a parasol, carried by street kids, while Lynxxx is seen embracing the sun and guiding a horse through the sand.


Captured by photographer Ade Okelarin, the stunning shoot seems to have caught the attention of many, though has opinions polarised, like our theme this month, with some keeping it light with comments of praise, and others going deeper and a slightly darker with their thoughts – one person commenting;

“The 4th pic features Eku and her black slaves carrying her umbrella and luggage!”

Another added;

“Even though Eku is Nigerian, i dont like this one bit… IT SPEAKS ONE WORD FOR ME “SLAVERY” why would they use dark skinned people as her maids/help… so so wrong!!! it is not enough already that we have such history why remind us again of what we past [through] in the hands of the whites, why not creates an image for the future so our kids can look on with bigger promise that our fore fathers didn’t die for nothing… and the world is no more black or white. #myopinion.

…Why make the servants dark if the female lead is light? Go all around and have a mixed cast period.”


Mr Okelarin, who shared the images online, told SPICE in response to the comments;

“The idea for the shoot was not to cause any offence in any manner. I think sometimes our sensibilities and our background dictate the things we are most sensitive to, and as a result we are passionate about those issues. I think this is what may have sparked off some of the comments.

The thing about creating is that if you create for other people or worry about what other people think then you will get a diluted piece of work. The images are representation of heritage for both Eku and Lynxx and have nothing to do with race or colour supremacy.”

The concept for the shoot had come about following a group Whatsapp between all the creatives involved, with Ade, Eku’s manager ‘Chin’ and the models all contributing their ideas, resulting in the beautifully captured shots seen here below.

Take a look at the rest of Eku Edewor and Lynxxx’s “Heritage” shoot for ThisDay Magazine and let us know what you think about the imagery, the concept and the opinions so far in the comments box or on Twitter @SPICETVAFRICA;

Eku-Edewor-Lynxxx-for-This-day-Style-BellaNaija-March2015006 Eku-Edewor-Lynxxx-for-This-day-Style-BellaNaija-March2015007 Eku-Edewor-Lynxxx-for-This-day-Style-BellaNaija-March2015 Eku-Edewor-Lynxxx-for-This-day-Style-BellaNaija-March2015005

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