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Epara Skincare For Women Of Color

Asides from Rihanna’s popularity and insane fan base, one of the reasons her beauty line, Fenty Beauty is a hit in the market, is because of the wide inclusiveness for women with different skin shades. Over the years women of color have struggled to find the perfect beauty and skincare products that cater for their needs. One often wonders why cosmetic brands focus on a particular skin type and choose to neglect the rest.

epara skincare products

After being a victim of the lack of suitable products and sensitive skin, Ozohu Adoh took to her kitchen to mix up herbs and oils that she believed would work for her skin type, and fortunately for her it did. She began to get compliments and soon she started mixing her secret recipes for friends, and today it is what we Know as Epara.


Partnering with product developer Vanessa Crawley, Ozohu Adoh has created a Skincare brand aimed at tackling the two skin issues women of color face the most; Pigmentation and Dehydration. The ingredients used in creating these products are about 95-100percent natural, some of which includes; African sourced botanicals,  plant extracts and essential oils like, Sandalwood oil, Moringa oil, and Ylang Ylang oil. The products are also free from synthetics, mineral oils and harsh chemicals.


Epara, is a Nigerian word from the native Igala language, which means to “Cocoon”. Prior to her venture into the skincare and beauty industry, Ozohu Adoh completed her MBA at Oxford University before working in finance, strategy and business development in the oil and gas industries.


The 10 piece skincare range is available at Harrods.

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