Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Essence Magazine Reveals Behind the Scenes Video of Solange & Erykah Badu’s May’14 Cover

Following news of the style icons’ covers for its upcoming May’14 issue, Essence Magazine has revealed behind the scenes videos for the editorial shoots, showing music stars Erykah Badu and Solange doing their thing on set.

As well as providing a glimpse at what’s to come (we can’t wait to see the shoots in full), the videos also include an intimate interview with the eternally well-dressed women, who dish on their families and their personal style.

Solange is caught gushing about her son on camera, saying;

“One of the things that stands out the most is just the fearlessness…(the) conviction and honesty with everything he does, absolutely has made me a better person, trying to tune into that expression.”

Soul-singing Erykah Badu goes in deeper still, sharing her thoughts on style and beauty;

“Style and self expression should expand as your personality does; the more you learn, the more you see, the more elements you add to yourself. And allowing yourself the freedom to grow with your mind aesthetically is not a bad idea.

Beauty is your smile, your smell, the intent of your words, courage, your resilience… beauty can be measured in all of those things.”

See the videos in full below and join us in anticipation of the mag’s launch;

Video & image source: Essence.com


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