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Eviwestwick debuts Her Capsule Collection

Designers have finally understood that a capsule collection is every girls essential needs. When we said the newbies are here to give the old ones a run for their money, we had no idea that Eviwestwick Clothing’s was about to blow our minds away. You can never go wrong in an all white ensemble and girl!! can we just say that Eviwestwick brought that piece to live with the turtle neck she wore underneath the blazer. This collection can only be described as versatility at it’s best, there is every piece for any occasion, work, brunch and also the perfect wedding guest outfit. One of Spice TVs correspondent had an exclusive interview with the Creative director, see interview and full look book below.

Who is the brain child behind  “Eviwestwick” brand?

The brain behind Eviwestwick Clothing’s is Odafe-Ejumedia Evi

all white blazer and pants

Tell us a bit about the ‘Eviwestwick Clothing’ Brand 

The Eviwestwick brand was created out of a need to cloth the average Nigerian girl, we all want couture like pieces but we cannot really afford it, so we created this brand to cloth the average girl who wants to look stylish but still on a budget.

What is the name of this collection?

We didn’t really chose a name for this collection but if we were to choose one it’ll be called the Capsule collection because they’re basically essential pieces of clothing.

two piece offshoulder
What is the inspiration behind this collection?
This collection was inspired by a lot of things but I would say it was inspired by life in a major way.

What is your target market for this collection?
My Target market for Eviwestwick Clothing is the working class young Nigerian woman.

Why should people shop this collection?
Why not!! It’s versatile, fun, trendy, chic and affordable besides  you would be supporting a Nigerian startup business, when you shop this collection, you support a dream.
burgundy dinner dress

Who is the typical ‘Eviwestwick’ client?
The typical Eviwestwick client is the average Nigerian working class woman

What inspires you on a daily basis to pursue your goals?
God and my mother inspires me always.
trending offshoulder top

If you were to have another life, would you still choose fashion as a
career path?
Yes I would totally choose fashion, I have always loved fashion and style

What principles do you live by?
Create Your Own Path
Avoid Negativity and things that disturb your peace
maxi dress

What is the typical brand signature of’ ‘Eviwestwick’  Brand
We do not have a brand signature, we are versatile.

What is your opinion on brand signature?
Brand signatures limits creativity, it’s ok to explore.
mini skirt and blazer

Where do you envision the ‘Eviwestick’ brand in the new future?
I envision Eviwestwick Clothing’s to be widely accepted in Africa and beyond.

What is your take on the evolving African fashion

I am glad that finally Africa is starting to be recognized as one of the key players in fashion, there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are definitely on the right path. The industry has become a full blown impact of the economic change and growth in Africa and for this we are grateful.
Sign out
Hi, I’m Eviwestwick the brain child behind Eviwestwick clothing and thank you Spice TV for having me on your platform. Spread love and positivism always xx

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