Sunday, April 2, 2023

Eyelid Tattoo Is Now A Trend

Tattoos are no longer as controversial as they use to be, tattoo artistry is now a career path explored by many. Tattoos say a lot about a person, sometimes people judge others just from the ink on their skin but 90 percent of the time these tattoos have significant meaning to the carrier than just a means of being accepted in a social circle.

With the overly acceptance of tattoos especially in the western world, it is fast becoming a trend and not really as significant as it use to be, a person with a tattoo would probably become emotional while telling the story behind their ink or showing their hidden tattoos to a new friend they just met.

It is an expression of a persons inward feeling, their guts and view of life, with all the strange places tattoos are inked it is quite a shook that the eye lid tatt is fast becoming a trend. This means that you might be able to get that cut crease eye shadow effect on a special day but who needs that when you have your eye tattoo to speak for you.

The trick to getting the best eye tattoo is meeting the right artists who has done this before and is definitely good with their craft, if you are bold and daring enough please go ahead and jump on this trend but don’t come crying to us about how you regret your actions(lol).

Take a look at some eye tattoos and tell us which one appeals to you more by Clicking HERE

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