Thursday, March 23, 2023

Fash360: Get up Close and Personal with Monica Awed-Etuk

All Fashion lovers will know the greatest challenge is always how to Re style old outfits. You do not have to break the bank trying to have your A game on. On this New Episode of Fashion 360, Monica Awed gives Style Tips on how to actually Revamp the clothes in your closet.


Monica is not your average fashion blogger, she comes to the table with over 18 years of luxury retail experience and has sold millions of dollars worth of merchandise. Her knowledge of the female silhouette, and paying attention to every detail has allowed Monica a true understanding of what works on various body types. Hence Monica is an expert when it comes to putting together the right pieces to create the perfect outfit.


She is a full time Fashion Blogger, Wife and Mum. She has been blogging for Four years and five months. Monica just recently launched her E-book series, Awed by Monica Style Essentials. Monica Awed gives more highlight on her Life Style with Spice Host Valerie Ike and Eso Oko.


About the Ebook:

The Awed by Monica Winter Style guide highlights 10 timeless wardrobe essentials. In addition to highlighting these essentials, the book also shows you how to use current trends to work the essentials into your wardrobe. The book is filled with colorful photos and tips to help you create the perfect winter wardrobe.


Have you ever found yourself sorting through piles of clothing and could not find anything to wear. Or walking into a closet full of amazing clothing, but you just couldn’t put together an outfit? If you find yourself in these scenarios, then the Awed by Monica Style Essentials for the perfect wardrobe ebook is for you! After numerous request from clients, friends, family, and her loyal followers, Monica decided to put together an ebook that will help you cultivate the perfect wardrobe every season.


Tune in to Spice Tv this Wednesday on Dstv Channel 190 and Gotv Channel 28 don’t miss out on this exciting series, there’s so much to learn.


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