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Fashion Essentials Every Man Should Own

We all have that fashion phase we are not so proud of, but as we grow we shake off those bad fashion choices and pick up what is best appropriate for your age. Every man should have some fashion essentials that work perfectly for any kind of event and season, without going on long shopping sprees and end up with bags of thing that are not entirely useful. Fashion essentials are simply a must have in everyone’s closet, which defines their style and allows you make the right fashion choices.

A suit

mens essent

It is official, a man isn’t fully initiated into manhood until he has successfully bought himself his first perfectly fitting suit. Take time out and carefully buy yourself a properly fitting suit, one that is suitable for work, meetings, and other events that require you are dressed like a true and proper kings-man.

Note: If you are having trouble making up your mind on the perfect suit, you should go with simple neutral colors like navy blue, black or grey . You can never go wrong with a navy suit, that’s for sure.


A  wrist watch

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As an adult you need to be able to accessories minimally and still look fashionable. A simple and classy wrist watch is a must have accessory for every man. Not only does it amplify your look, it gives this necessary edge to whatever outfit you decide to pair it with.


A dress shoe

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Ever heard of the saying “you can tell where a man has been by his shoes” we couldn’t agree more. Shoes are part of the most intricate accessory in an outfit. Spurging on a good leather shoe is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Going for a versatile dress shoe that is versatile enough for any occasion is a good tip when shoe shopping.


A neutral color dress shirt

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Every man should have at least one of these. One of the reasons why this is on our list is because of the many versatile ways it can be worn and still make you look good. Pair it with either a suit pant, or jeans, buttoned half way or accessorized with a tie, either way you are going to look fashionable, classy and  simple.


Dark jeans

mens essentials7

This is an essential for every man. It is a must have, why? It hold stains, works perfectly for an official meeting or a casual night out after work, it is stylish, enhances your body, and of course it makes you look good.


A tie

mens essemtial

Just like your shoes, a man’s tie tells about him. Ties are fun yet easy ways to accessories and transform an outfit from casual to semi cooperate or full on cooperate. However, it is  important to always make sure that your tie compliments your outfit perfectly, while choosing a tie it is safer for not so fashion dare devils to go with simple classics colors and patterns.


A belt

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A belt adds a certain edge to an outfit, this is an undeniable fact. A nice belt is more than just an accessory, it has the power to change the overall look of an outfit and reflect on your personality.

A messenger bag

mens essentialllllllllllllll

To keep your style game on point, look well put together every man should have a stylish messenger bag to keep all his essentials and still look stylish, smart and of course mature.

Stylish socks

mens essentilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Way gone are the days of plain ol boring white and black socks. over the years, the sock game has evolved into unique, colorful, bold patterned socks. your no-show socks, crew socks, dress socks are no longer what they used to be, and every fashion forward man has embraced this trend.

A good cologne


“Smell is the most powerful sense. It conjures up memories like no other. A smell of some one thing — fish cooking, honeysuckle, a perfect perfume — can instantly recreate memories in our mind, even memories from decades ago. It’s strange but true.” Jeffery Tucker.

It is still a shocker that 80% of men don’t use cologne on a regular basis.

Smelling good is good business, not for only men but women to. a good cologne has a strong hold on attraction and attention, which of course is an avid plus for a gentle man irrespective of who is before him. A good cologne has the power to create a lasting impression, and emotional connection, which will on the long run make or mar your reputation and memory in the hearts of the people you meet especially the opposite sex.

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