Sunday, October 1, 2023

Fashion Focus|Jermaine Bleu

Fashion focus is a platform that has helped a lot of emerging designers make it to a greater reach. With the likes of Orange Culture, Samuelnoon, Emmy Kasbit, Imad Edosu, Sisiano, Morafo, Mo Agusto, etc. They have been able to take over the Nigerian Fashion scene recent times. It is no news that the newbies in the Nigerian Fashion industry are giving the old ones a run for their money and they are unapologetic about it.

In this years fashion Focus segment, ten emerging designers made it to the list, and Jermaine Bleu is part of the ten semi finalists. He has been featured on Runway Fiesta and also gained a lot of press recognition in the year that went by.

The Ghanaian has shown that fashion is a universal language and hence he can operate from any time zone he deems fit. Having penetrated into the Ghanaian market as an emerging designer, he also decides to create a niche market for himself in the Nigerian market.

For the fashion focus semi finalists interview, Jason showcases pieces from his recent ‘EVOLUTION’ collection and this collection tells a story of how his fashion brand has evolved over the years in terms of style, creativity,and colors. Jason’s brand aesthetics could be seen from the pieces he curates, according to him, “I make pieces that I think I would rock if i was a woman, which are very funky, classy yet sexy, cut out but not too much”. Jason describes his brand as edgy but not in the box, as edgy is often seen as overly dramatic, he likes to have fun with every piece he creates.

This Ghanaian based designer who launched in 2015 stocks in three concepts at Accra, which is totally recommendable for a brand that has been in existence fro barely two years. According to him “I believe the Nigerian market is ready for me, I find The Nigerian Fashion Industry very inspiring although very competitive but I believe that once I find my niche market here, I would do well”. In his last words he envisions Idia Aisien in his pieces as she has the figure to pull it off.

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