Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Fashion Focus|The Bloke Monk

With the platform fashion focus is lending to emerging designers, Bloke is about to either benefit fully from it or reapply next year. The brand qualified among-st other brands in the semi finalist group of Fashion focus 2017. In an exclusive Interview with the Creative Director of the brand, Faith Oluwajimi, he lets us into his world of fashion. According to him, the name Bloke was inspired out of pondering on the constructed views of masculinity in Nigeria and Africa.

Bloke is a best known for it’s Knitwear pieces, in his words “I choose Knit wear because it a field that is not well exploited in Nigeria and Africa, I wanted to experiment more”.  With all amazing things Bloke is bringing to the fashion scene in Nigeria, he has gained a lot of international press presence, after being featured on vogue for a couple of times, Official Italia, WGSM, to name a few.

It is certain that his brands aesthetics which is quirky, art and gender blurring pieces which has a lot of androgynous feel speak to his carefree, and always ready to experiment clientele.  Faith who just recently spoke at a fashion panel alongside Orange Culture has styled a couple of celebrities like Mr Eazi, Swanky Jerry and lots more. Bloke sees foresees his brand showcasing on International Runways and also stocking Internationally.

he has styled the likes of Mr Eazi, Swanky Jerry, and lots more. according to him, any one who rocks his design is a celebrity. He sees his brand showcasing on international runway and also stocking internationally.


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