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Fashion LookBooks|Why You Need A Lookbook As A Fashion Designer

Remember when we told you the difference between a Lookbook and a Campaign Shoot? Lookbooks are very essential for a fashion brand, it is used to promote a seasonal collection or clothing line.look book collection

Most times when a designer wants to debut a collection, he puts out a look book which conveys the brands aesthetic, style of clothes and it practically draws peoples attention to your brand. Thanks to social media, most designers practically create look books for their social media audience and website, not necessarily for their brick and mortar store. If you are a designer and have no plans on shooting a look book, here are few reasons why a look book is very important to your brand.

look book collection

  • A good look book will express what your brand stands for. Are you a high-end fashion brand, a luxury fashion brand or a less expensive brand, your look book will tell that story.
  • A great look book would show all your products, and also give the consumer a better idea on how an item can be used(in clothing terms, we mean styled, see HERE)
  • Look book is one of the best ways to reach your target audience, by having a story or theme that draws their attention to their brand.
    look book collection
  • Your look book is one of the greatest materials for your social media feed(instagram is a great tool to market your collection through your feeds).

Sometimes, you have a great idea, great story and even great materials, but you have the wrong team. That can go a long way to tarnish the image of your brand, choose your photographer carefully, that is because the final and delicate parts of the look book which is to deliver a fantastic pictures lies in their palms.

look book collection

Let’s be frank with you, your budget can be a hindrance at times, in this case we recommend that you work with people who are willing to collaborate with upcoming designers, you can also narrow down your expenses, instead of a professional model,  get a friend to be your model. You can also have an agreement with the photographer for payment on installments.

look book collection



The fashion industry is a flexible arm and can be manipulated if you know your ways. Now you know why you need a look book, go out there and make it work.

look book collection

Key point:Professional Photos is key, it can make a bad product look great.





look book collection

look book collection


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