Sunday, April 2, 2023

Fashion Moments From South African’s National Day Celebration

Every 24th of September, South Africans gather at King Shaka’s grave to honor him for his role in uniting disparate Zulu Clans into a cohesive nation.

south africa HERITAGE day

On this public holiday, MZANSI celebrities, influential people, politicians and ordinary citizens dress up in their best attire, representing their Cultural backgrounds and heritage. South Africans are known for colorful beaded attires and enormous hats that fit on the heads of their women. .


Thousands of South Africans from different ethnic backgrounds gathered at Tshwane Events Center to pay tribute to their King. Each Cultural group displays it’s unique culture and style in so many ways. Apart from all the stylish moments captured on this day, it is certain that the South Africans are indeed always excited about this social remembrance day

south africans celebrate heritage day



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