Thursday, March 23, 2023

Maki Oh Talks to Man Repeller

In another installment of “Know Your Labels” conducted by Amelia Diamond on Man Repeller, Maki Osakwe talked about the Maki Oh brand and the things that make her tick, making reference to her mum, Lagos city and its flamboyant people as her inspiration.

On this huge platform owned by popular blogger and author Leandra Medine, Maki also emphasised her strong belief in sustainability (which is seen in her love for Adire fabric) and she further explained that the Maki Oh woman is deeper in thought, and projects her whole being in everything. Maki ended the interview proclaiming her love for everything ‘woman’, and Maki Oh’s disregard of society’s definition of beauty.

Glad to see such recognition of a well-deserved Nigerian brand on a global platform such as Man Repeller. Check out Maki’s brand here:

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