Sunday, October 1, 2023

Fashion Week Starter Pack

Gird your loins, it’s that time of year again and you feel the intense pressure to look super stylish and dope. Do not get this wrong or you won’t get it right at all, you do not want to be picked up by blogs as a fashion don’t or a fashion miss. Attending fashion Week is tricky and most times you are uncertain on how t0 really appear, the ultimate starter pack would take you from a new kid in the block to a pro street style star.


Not everyone is a heel person, sneakers are the all time favorite of every stylish person and it is also very safe. Note of warning, do not appear in dirty sneakers, it is not a style statement.

 fashion week starter pack


Apart from being a fashion accessory, it is super essential for fashion week, you need to look cool and also secure your eyes from the sun.

 fashion week starter pack

Fanny pack, Back Pack or any Bag

Fanny Packs are in vogue at the moment and they can also keep your essentials safe. Get a stylish one and get it fast.

 fashion week starter pack

Mobile phones/photo camera and Power bank

If you are not taking lit pictures then you shouldn’t be at Fashion Week. Apart from having fully charged mobile phones, also go along with your power banks because you have a long day and a lot of pictures and connection to do.

 fashion week starter pack





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