Monday, October 2, 2023

First Glimpse at Lisa Folawiyo’s Shoe Collaboration with Shem Paronelli

Lisa Folawiyo, the Nigerian designer who stays forever-slaying in style, has apparently collaborated with Lagos-based heel-maker, Shem Ezemma, of Shem Paronelli Studios to launch a line of shoes – and a first look at the results came to surface last night on Instagram.

The Nigerian talent – who uses cow suede and exotic skins like Python, crocodile skin, ostrich skin and stingray to create his sandals and boots, which are all 100% handmade and possess that mystery key ingredient that instantly make them total must-haves – revealed a shot of the shoe, captioning;

“First Proto, Lisa Folawiyo A/W 2015


Just a few weeks ago, another pic was shared of a different prototype – this time more strappy and slightly less opulent-looking, but equally as chic and just screaming Lisa’s style.


This is not the first time the shoe designer (who uses local artisans and the tradition of ‘tie and knot’ for closings, rather than buckles) has worked with a fashion designer, with Shem Paronelli Studios having worked with Orange Culture earlier this year to create a line of luxury metallic sliders.

These heels though, coming as a collaboration from a woman whose wardrobe the world and his wife want to live in, are sure to top most wish-lists whenever – if ever – it does become available to buy.

For now, we at SPICE will keep wishing to slip our feet inside of these beautiful looking shoes by Lisa Folawiyo and Shem Paronelli Studios – which would be perfect from showing off at the parties of the upcoming Fashion Weeks and those end of year celebrations.

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