Friday, March 24, 2023

First Look at Gucci’s New Make Up Range

From last year’s hear-say to first look pictures, Gucci, you have made the end of our month! Yes, beauty lovers, the rumours are true; Gucci will soon be launching their first beauty line, and with the products they have planned, our excitement is fully justified.

To add further fuel to our makeup-loving fire, Gucci’s creative director, Frida Giannini has revealed that she consulted with make up legend Pat McGrath to develop the upcoming range, which includes the ultimate in quality, design and luxury, as one would expect from fashion house.

News of the line first emerged earlier this year, with Giannini telling Grazia Magazine;

“I’ve always wanted to do a cosmetics line for Gucci. Makeup is part of the holistic brand universe for luxury fashion brands and is a natural next step for Gucci.”

And it seems the creative director is as excited about the new product line as we are, as she also added;

“As a woman, of course I tried absolutely every product and colour we made.”


Our favourite item at first glance is the embossed lipstick, which bares the Gucci logo imprinted checkerboard-style around its gold packaging – but then again, the richly-pigmented eyeshadow packs a pretty punch, too, so perhaps we just need it all…

With this first up close look at Gucci’s new makeup range setting the internet alight with anticipation, Team SPICE are joining thousands of fans awaiting the day it’s possible to wear Gucci from face to feet. See the preview shots of the collection, below;

gucci-eye-magnetic-color-shadow-mono-iconic-ottanio gucci-eye-opulent-volume-mascara-iconic-black gucci-luxurious-moisture-rich-lipstick-iconic-redgucci-lip-vibrant-demi-glaze-lip-lacquer-iconic-red gucci-luminous-perfecting-concealer gucci-lustrous-glow-foundation

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