Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Fish Tail Brow Is the Instagram Brow Trend

2017 was the ultimate year for wild n Creative nail and brow trends. How can any trend follower forget about the ponytail brow trend, the McDonald’s brow tend, or the swirly brow trend. These are some of the major trends that rocked the previous year and from what we can see, 2018 will not be any different if anything, it will be wilder and better.
The new brow trend rocking the internet is what is called the fish tail brows. This new brow trend was created by beauty influencer Skyzedits and in no time caught the attention of the likes of Huda Kattan and Marie Claire.
fish tail brow
Although the initial picture by Skyzedits was photoshopped a lot of people have gone ahead to actually create this look using brow concealing methods.
instagram fish tail brow trend
What we like about the new Instagram brow trend is that it has a certain bad girl but princessy feel and look to it. Who knows what the next brow trend will be?

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