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Five Places That Make The Gambia a Beautiful SPICE Easter Destination

The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in Africa sitting pretty on a land area of  11,295 sq. km (4361 sq. miles) with an estimated population of 1,800,000, and bound by Senegal, with an Atlantic coastline, and Banjul as the capital of the country. The smiling coast of Africa as it if fondly called is known for its ecosystems and widelife comprising of some unique rare birds, monkeys, hyenas and leopards to name a few.
The Gambia is a country highly rich in Agricultural. For tourists looking to explore the Wildlife, at the same time Enjoy an Island-like feel, and experience a variation of cultural experience, the Gambia is the place to visit. Some of the major tourist attractions in the country are:
With interesting features like an 18 hole par 3 golf course, 3 swimming pools, a mini market, a club house bar, money exchange, private excursion, and other amazing features, Kololi beach house is a perfect resort to be with this Easter. And oh! It is located on a beach, which automatically means you get to watch the sun set from your room, or as you take a long relaxing walk on the beach.
kololi 2
Albert market is a Flea and street market located in Banjul. It is the oldest and largest market in Banjul. If you are looking to meet with the locals, shop for crafts, carvings, local arts, and of course have a feel of what being a native Gambian is like; then, Albert market is your go too place.
Tanje Village  (Tanje) 
Tanje is a small town about half an hour outside of Banjul, on the west coast of Gambia. Tanje is one of the 7 artisenal fishing communities in the country, a range of fishes like; Shads, marine Catfish, Barracuda, Sharks and round and flat Sardinella spp are smoked there.  The Tanje village museum is also another major tourist attraction in the are. home to contemporary artifacts like traditional instruments, paintings of rare birds, and plants, historic pictures, crafts and sculptures. a short drive from the museum is the Tanje bird reserve. a variety of birds at the reserve are aders, raptors and seabirds, such as White Straight Crested Helmetshrike, Ruddy Turnstone, Sandwich Terns, Subalpine Warblers, Dominican Gulls, White-fronted  Plovers, Palm-nut Vultures, Whistling Cisticolas, Common Nightingales, Northern Crombecs, Pelicans, Yellow-crowned Gonoleks and Four-banded Sand Grouse. The bird reserve also has a decent eco camp for tourists who are interested in sleeping over.
Chimpanzee rehabilitation project – national park Banjul
If you ever wondered what the real life version of the forest Tarzan grew in looks like, then it is highly suggested that you visit the Banjul National Park. This tourist destination is the best place for adventurous wildlife and nature lovers.
With beautiful animals like, baboons, hyenas,  green and red colobus monkeys, chimps, hippos and an astonishing variety of rare birds, lizards, alligators, crocodiles, . In the national park are three islands, which is home to over a hundred  chimpanzees, who are monitored and well protected against animal exploitation and mistreatment. To top it off the accommodation, food and staff are a total package of professionalism and comfort. 
Kunta Kinte island .
Kunta kinte, formerly known as Fort James is a small Island  filled with history, making it the perfect tourist attraction. With structure from over a decade ago, a nostalgic and rush of emotions, as you have a feel of what it was like for the Gambians who resided in this part of the country at that time.
kunta kinte
An interesting fact about this island is that; all the slaves that were shipped overseas were brought to this island before being shipped off to various parts of the world. The island is also the hone of the new information center.

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