Friday, June 9, 2023

Five Ways To Dress up For a Retro Inspired Event

The Glitz and Glam of the 20s is a near far cry from the subtle style of the retro age. Although we have moved on to putting retro inspired outfits in recent times, it does not still fully sculpt out the trend of the retro age. From earthy tones to bright color silhouettes, geometric cut pants and mix & match prints, this list is practically endless. Retro trends are so easy to style, you do not need to over think your outfit options or even break the bank to look as fab as your parents did. Here are five styling tips to keep you in check for a Retro Inspired Event.

  • Keep it simple, you either opt for bold colors or subtle colors, do not mix the two, this might actually work but it does not go well with a retro theme.
  • Incorporate a Bell bottom and flared pants into your outfit, this is a major retro fashion trend that is currently in vogue.
  • Your hairstyle should also portray retro, this could be an Afro hairdo, sleek bobs, pin curls, bouncy blowouts, bold geometric haircuts, scarf-tied up dos, and finger-waves are timeless
  • Statement shoes and psychedelic accessories  would give you that stardom moment you’ve always wished for.
  • Last but not the least, opt for comfort, our ancestors were always comfortable in their attire.

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