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Flower Girl: Ideas to Make Her Comfortable on Your Wedding

Flower Girl: Ideas to Make Her Comfortable on Your Wedding.

Sending a beautiful flower girl at the start of a ceremony can mesmerize your guests. These tinny and sweet attendees can increase the fun and beauty of your big day. If you want to improve the spark of your wedding with your flower girls, make sure to pay attention to their dresses, faux flowers, and shoes. They should look pretty and comfortable on their way to the aisle. Flower girls can be your niece, friend’s child or a goddaughter. Here are some tips to prepare your flower girls so that these cute fairies can deliver charm to your wedding.

The fabric of Flower Girl Dresses

While purchasing toddler flower girl dresses, you have to consider the fabric of the dress. Most of these girls may age between 3 and 8. It means you can’t choose too lacy, too heavy and too long dresses for children. Children have a short span of attention and sitting in an uncomfortable dress for too long can increase their irritation. Make sure to pay attention to comfortable dresses that must not cause itching. They have to stay in these dresses for the entire of your wedding. Carefully select a dress to avoid embarrassing accidents.

Consider Weather

Weather plays a vital role in the selection of flower girl dresses. For instance, a spaghetti-strapped dress can be a good choice for a young girl on a hot day of summer. She will not feel comfortable under layers of cotton, fabrics, and lace. Make sure to add a bolero with short sleeves during the hot months. For winter months, you can choose a bolero with long sleeves. With these ideas, you can select complementing dresses for your flower girls. You can’t ignore their comfort while purchasing a wedding dress for them.

Style of Dresses

Style can’t be ignored while buying a dress for your little girl. These moments are essential for the little girls. They may get their first wedding memories, and these memories can set a framework for the rest of their lives. Therefore, you have to choose a stylish dress close to a bridal gown. These dresses can make children the real part of the wedding. They can find them adjustable with adults.

Offer them Rewards

Kids like treats, surprises, and rewards. You can make them happy with small gifts. Before sending them down the aisle, make sure to show them a treat or toy that you will give them at the end of the ceremony. The rewards and gifts can make the excited to behave well at your wedding.

Both adults and kids need practicing before wedding function to decrease your stress. You are responsible for making your flower girl comfortable. Practice with your little girls to make them perfect for the aisle. Almost 2 to 3 bridal girls are enough to increase the charm of your wedding party. If you have a shy kid, try to use a toy, game or other distraction to preoccupy your little girls. They can carry rings, a box, a pillow or flower basket in their hand.  

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