Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Freedom Of Hair Colour As Declared By Pharrell Williams

‘Quirky’ was the first thought before acceptance and practice came into being. Pharrell William’s ageless charm has lured us into loving his eccentric persona, he serves us his music message in a sweet glass of mojito we are not scared of getting intoxicated on.


Pharrell’s freedom of expression in melody and style leaves us no conviction of emulating his lifestyle. It is not enough that the reactions following each of Pharrell’s debut hair colour is usually overwhelming, everybody eventually finds themselves stuck trying to wear the same look.


Pharrell Williams Hair Colour


If you ever find yourself craving for different hair colours per time, it must be that you have also been nibbed with the infectious freedom. You might either brood for a while or just grab the dye can already. Whatever be the case, enjoy it!


Pharrell Williams Hair Colour I


Pharrell Williams Hair Colour II


Pharrell Williams Hair Colour III

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