Monday, March 4, 2024

Friday Find: Ecostyler’s Curl-Defining Olive Oil Gel

Usually, we use gel when we want an extra strong and smooth hold for hair that simply refuses to stay put. These days though – and thanks to the natural hair movement sweeping the world over – gels now come gentler and for defining our curls. Hence, dominating our Friday Find this week, is Ecostyler’s Olive Oil Gel – a product we’d approve for your every curl’s need.

Ecostyler ($7.70) is the king of all gels – one that’s perfect for twistouts, braidouts, bantu knots, flat twists and even wash’n’gos. The multitasking water-based gel can also be used to hold the edges of the hairline too, providing a brilliant balance of hold and softness, without making hair feel ‘crunchy.’

It also works well when used alongside conditioners and mositurisers thus making it your hair regime’s must-have partner. Remember though, just a little per hair section is enough, so this product ail go along way too.

Shop for yours, here.

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