Monday, May 29, 2023

Friday Find: Khuraira’s Lovely O’Natural Lip Balm

Multi-use products are and always have been a preference, but in the world of makeup, they’re a godsend. And, eliminating time and added expense spent on using multiple goods, such products – like Khuraira’s O’Natural Lip balm ($22) – are just priceless.

Khuraira’s lip balm is also an iridescent pink shimmer lipstick rolled into one great product, boasting the added benefit of being able to be added to the cheeks too for a little shine.

Super light-weight and moisturising, this lip balm can be used alone or on top of a full lipstick too, but used alone, its sheer hue gives pouts a plumped, shimmery look, and we love how our lips look after using it.

Our advice is that you actually purchase yourself a pair as we know for sure that you’ll run out of this product in no time. Find yours here and le us know what you thought of it, via @SPICETVAFRICA and the hashtag #FridayFind.

Khuraira o natural lip balm

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