Saturday, June 10, 2023

#FridayFind: MAC’s Wonderful Waterproof Brow Set

It’s the first of the month and for August, we’re celebrating all things travel. But any beauty lover will know that a good set of brows will get you anywhere…While we are busy basking in the sun though, perfect brows can be difficult to achieve, which is where this week’s Friday Find comes in: MAC’s Waterproof Brow Set – our Summer travel saviour.

Forget packing brow powders and pencils to fill brows and clear mascara to hold them in place, as this brow set is an all-in-one product that both fills and sets brows without faff.

Appearing exactly like a mascara, with a brush-wand, this product comes in various skin shades to match your brows and your complexion, boosting the look of your eyebrows while also providing long-lasting hold – without making brows feel hard or the hair, crunchy.

And you needn’t worry about your brows melting off if you’re beach or pool-bound either, as MAC’s brow set is completely waterproof , too. #Perfect!

Get yours, ($17) here.


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