Thursday, September 21, 2023

#FridayFind: Marc Jacobs’ Waterproof “Magic Marc’er” for a Stay-Put Winged-Eye Look

Lord knows we at SPICE love a good winged liner – especially one that looks expertly done and that leaves a sexy slant to our eyes. And, as one of the best looks to rock pool or beachside, we’re in need of a long-lasting liner that’s quick and easy to apply.

Enter our Friday Find: Marc Jacobs’ new precision liner – aka The Magic Marc’er ($30), which even comes with a few tips on how to get the perfect winged lid look;

  • Place the tip of your Magic Marc’er at the edge of your eyes and draw an itsy bitsy line upwards towards the tip of your brows

  • Drag the line from the tip towards your upper lash line

  • Using the tip, drag the line towards the inner corner of the eye staying close to the lashline.

  • Fill in any clear spots and you are done.

*As an extra tip, extend the tip of the liner upwards for an elongated wing.

With a finely pointed tip, this felt pen-like eyeliner (hence, the play on the word “marker” in its name) will allow for the coolest of applications and speedy achieving of the Cleopatra-esque look. And, with the Magic Marc’er being a waterproof liner, we aren’t likely to see it slide off our face while under the sun. #Perfect.

Find yours, here.


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