Thursday, September 21, 2023

Friday Find: Smartshield’s Super Sunscreen

With the Sun’s rays ever present, protection should never be taken for granted, hence this week’s Friday Find is an SPF – SmartShield’s Sunscreen ($25).

A light weight, moisturising SPF, specifically formulated for weather in the tropics, this product is ‘broad spectrum,’ which ensures protection from not just the regular UVB rays that are cause sunburn, but also from UVA rays which are responsible for ageing the skin. UVA rays have no immediate visible effect on the skin but are infact more dangerous as they pass through the ozone layer to make up most of our sun exposure, causing skin cancer, brown spots and early wrinkles.

Smartshield’s sunscreen also contains Avobenzone, which is actually one of the stronger ingredients recommended for protection against both UVA and UVB rays – an ingredient that is also much stronger than the more popular Titanium Dioxide.

Simply slather this product all over the exposed areas of your skin for maximum protection against the sun and, with Smartshield’s sunscreen also being highly hydrative, you can skip moisturiser altogether after using this, too!

Pick yours up, here.


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