Saturday, June 10, 2023

#FridayFind: Clinique’s ‘Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer’

Unless you have a pore-less, perfect complexion, chances are you might need some help in the skin department, via the use of a good concealer and foundation. And, as we’re thinking ‘Light and Shade’ this month on the site (super appropriate with today’s solar eclipse), Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer comes to mind as the product to try – especially if you’re hoping to recreate the season’s minimal makeup look (which you can find out more on, here).

This 2-in-1 liquid foundation and concealer is aimed for women in their late 20s to 30’s, and is designed to cover skin thoroughly without clogging pores, as it’s so light weight. It boasts a gorgeously hydrating, nourishing feel that works into skin for flawless coverage, and since it is formulated with polymers, it doesn’t dry instantly either, giving you time to blend the product for a seamless and smooth effect that’ll last for up to 12 hours.

reallyreeWith dual-sphere particles that absorb oil and add moisture, the wonder product is also suitable for all skin types (dry, oily or combination) and with 21 shades to choose from, including neutral and warm undertones, from light to deep, there is hope for every skin tone out there!

Find yours for just £25 (here) or for N5,400 (herethen let us know in the comments box or on Twitter @SPICETVAFRICA what you think to Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer.

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