Monday, October 2, 2023

#FridayFind: Duality Cosmetics’ All In One NailPak, for Ditching Your Dependency on those Weekly Salon Visits…

Seeking a little independence from your expensive manicurist? Well, why not try NailPak‘s all-in-one manicure system; an ingenious product that bundles nail polish, pre-soaked remover pads and a nail file together for speedy touch ups – this week’s Friday Find and a perfect way to take a break from those weekly salon visits…


Affordable and super convenient for travel, this high quality nail-saver provides long-wearing and chip resistant finishes, and also boasts a non-Acetone formula, with the polish stored in a sealed compartment alongside 40 pre-soaked remover pads. In other words, it’s a solution to those awkward moments when you’ve somewhere to be looking perfect, but your untidy nails need a touch up, asap.

Created by Barbara Lampugnale (a wife and mother of six who knows exactly why trips to the manicurist can’t always be possible), the NailPak – alongside its brand Duality cosmetics‘ other products – was developed to aid multi-taskers, who need their makeup and beauty products in a hurry and on-the-go – not after a booking, consultation and at a huge fee.

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With its way with providing transportable manicures for convenient application wherever we want, we at SPICE love our new find, the NailPak – we’re just not sure our regular mani/pedicurist will love it quite so much, since we’ll be leaving a lot more time between those highly frequent appointments…

Yours for $15 here, Team SPICE favourites include the “Dakota,” “Halle” and “Celeste” shades.

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