Friday, June 9, 2023

#FridayFind: The New Brow Extension Treatment by Lash Perfect

This week’s Friday Find is a definitely right for our month thinking about everything ‘new’ here on the site: eyebrow extensions, ladies, have just hit the market.

The last quarter of 2014 saw the revolutionary treatment go from under-the-radar to top-of-the-pile, with the experts who provide this brow-lengthening, thickening service coming to the fore with their amazing new way to get the bolder brows we’ve been coveting (seen our Trend to Try, here?).

Yes, bigger brows are the ‘new’ beautiful, with the trend going into overdrive ever since the likes of Cara Delevigne and Solange Knowles were first seen brandishing them. And now, just as you can get your hair and eyelashes lengthened, you can also opt in on bushier brows, too.


Companies like Lash Perfect (who have salons in Nigeria and South Africa) have launched a Brow Perfect franchise, aiming to fill in gaps, add volume and extend the brow line, with the salon treatment set to revolutionise the lives of those experiencing age-related hair loss or who have over-plucked or waxed their brows in the past, leading to a brow that just lacks.

The process sees hair – available in all types of shades and types – added to the brow by adhesive, to provide a realistic texture that pencils and powders can’t match.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 13.06.50

Beverly Piper, owner and director of the global Lash Perfect and Brow Perfect brands, explained;

“We do eyebrows to suit the age and shape of each individual customer. Nobody’s brows are the same.

People find they have natural gaps, or perhaps they over plucked when they were younger.

Up until now, the only way to bride the gap was to use powder or a pencil, which gives a flat look. But now you can have depth and dimension with the eyebrow extensions.”

Treatments are already available in South Africa, starting at R250.00 and in London, you can also find a “Build-a-Brow” treatment via Blink Brow Bar, starting at £60.

See below a short video of the process and then plan your next visit to the salon for your New Year brow-endowed look;

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