Monday, October 2, 2023

#FridayFind: Covergirl’s Time-Supplying 3-in-1 Foundation

With so many parties to rush to this season (are you heading to the Pink Ball this weekend?) and with us still thinking all things independence for October, we at SPICE having been dreaming up ways to stop relying on our lengthly makeup regime, which often has us arriving ‘fashionably late’…

Well, get flawless in no time and independent from your gruelling beauty regimes, with our time-saving Friday Find for this week: Covergirl’s 3-in-1 foundation.

As one might guess from the name of the product, this is a brilliant combination of foundation, concealer and primer – all fused into one bottle and ready to be applied with minimal effort and in minimal minutes too.

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A little of this wonder product goes a really long way, with its formula being long-lasting (even in tropical climes), difficult to ‘cake up’ but still able to build for a full coverage – the real deal for any party bound girl on the go, who needs to bounce from work to a red carpet without touchups.

This foundation comes in various shades to match various complexions and its SPF 20 formula means you’ve saved yet another step in your usually lengthly regime. So grab yours (from $11.29 here) and apply your sun protection, primer, concealer and foundation in one easy, independent step. You are welcome!

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