Monday, June 5, 2023

From a Shy Duckling to a Confident Swan – The Project Swan Intervention

In 1843, Danish author Hans Christian Anderson published the fairy tale story of a castigated little duckling, who went from place to place, trying to find a place to be accepted and loved but everywhere he went, an obstacle seemed to be awaiting him, making it impossible for him to find solace.  The little duckling finally gave up, and decided to go in the midst of some wild swans, not minding if he would be devoured and die eventually, but as he got in the midst of the swans, he realized he has grown into a beautiful swan, and he was finally able to go with them and be a part of the family.

Although it took the swan a lot of hardship, he finally blossomed and found a place where he fit in perfectly. For us humans, the story isn’t really different.  See the thing with most people is they admire the particular success of an individual, be it career, beauty, health, looks or even finances. Dreaming that one day they might be blessed enough with the perfect opportunity to achieve what their mentors have achieved or even supersede them.  For some, it starts and ends with wishful thinking while the “lucky” few make it, to and beyond their imaginations.

A simple example is your daily makeup or skin care routine. Beauty and makeup inspirational faces like Ronke Raji, flawless faces by Jane, Toni Olaoye and others have admirable skin, and beautiful flawless makeup but the thing about these people is that they put in hours into practice to perfect their craft, constantly imploring discipline in their daily activities to make sure they achieve the results they get.

Like Stephanie Klein said “There’s something almost perfect in the ugly duckling syndrome. Because a sensitivity is tattooed on a part of you no one else can see but can somehow guess is there”

Project swan is a show on Spice TV, that focuses on helping a damsel in distress transform from a duckling to a swan. The show gives young ladies the opportunity to realize their potentials by giving them an extreme makeover, also  with the aim of helping them conquer their insecurities, become more confident in themselves, and show them the endless possibilities that awaits them. the  mission behind this project is to make you realize the strength and confidence you know you have within you.

Project Swan  shows on DSTV channel 190 and GOTV channel 28.

 All new episodes on:

Sunday at 16:30 (WAT)

Repeat Broadcast:

Wednesday 21:30 (WAT)

Thur 15:30 (WAT)

Saturday 15:00 (WAT)

If you have a friend in dire need of a makeover and some confidence boost, contact us via email at


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